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#Plan B: in case i get lost in #Manhattan

#Plan B: in case i get lost in #Manhattan

leaving Vegas. 

socks! socks! socks! almost as good as Toto.

thats right! these guys. Africa!

the best Toto cover band i have ever seen in Vegas. maybe it was them?

the drummer needed a bulletproof cage to stop all the groupies jumping on him.

Vegas baby!

'we may beg for change but that doesn't mean we are stupid'

natural light. burns through the devil’s eyes as they are set on the prize. 

road trip to the centre of no-mans land. ‘he who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man’. AM. heavy eyes, not yet sunrise. LAS VEGAS. where the players play. fuel stop on the way brings much realism to the trip ahead.